Learn how to buy weed in DC? 

Learn how to buy weed in DC? 

It’s 2021 and as the DC cannabis laws are rapidly changing we are going to show you how to stay safe and buy weed in DC like a pro! This means avoiding any legal issues, staying far away from dangerous places, and dodging the many scam operations advertising good DC weed but giving out the not-so-good weed.

how to buy weed in dc

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Whether you’re one among the 22 million tourists traveling through D.C. a year or an area resident, we understand just how confusing it is often to urge a straight answer on the way to find weed in DC – legally, safely, and comfortably at that.

For many of the people buying weed in DC the primary time, most aren’t willing or have the time to urge a medical marijuana card and buy through the marijuana dispensaries.

Why wait weeks to urge your medical card than sit in long lines for subpar DC weed once you can get award-winning strains today with no fuss?

The legalization of recreational weed in DC caused a really powerful loophole for anyone traveling to DC to get marijuana safely and discreetly – if need be.

We are getting to break down the three primary ways on the way to buy weed legally in DC, but before that, it’s of paramount importance you understand just what this loophole is and the way to remain within the legal boundaries of buying marijuana in DC.

Budtender Pro-tip: We recommend you read this complete article as we are getting to break down the way to buy weed in DC, the way to not get any criminal charges, and therefore the exact dialogue you would like to master to order marijuana in DC as of 2021.


3 Ways to Buy Weed in DC

There are three primary ways to purchase weed in Washington DC: DC smoke shop, DC weed delivery, and DC weed events. The methods in which we show you how to get weed you will not need to be a medical marijuana patient.

So for anyone out of state, this is exactly how you find weed hassle-free!

We will be going over each method and how to place, process, and receive your order so you stay clear of any legal issues. The DC community has evolved rapidly when it comes to catering to the public on their daily high. Back in the good old days, it was sketchy back-alley deals but now you can find yourself in some very beautiful, high-end, DC smoke shops, and walking out with premium weed products and amazing customer experience.

It’s all about safety and a great customer experience!

Buying Marijuana in DC
Buying cannabis in DC


In order to buy marijuana in our nation’s capital without running into any legal issues, we need to address Initiative 71 – the vote that allowed for you to get your hand on DC weed legally. I71 is the “Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Act of 2014”. Sounds pretty dry, right? For the rest of us who don’t speak legal jargon Initiative 71 allows anyone in DC that is 21 years or older to:

  1. Possess up to two ounces of DC weed
  2. Residents can grow up to 6 marijuana plants in Washington DC, but only 3 can be in the mature flowering stage.
  3. You can gift up to one ounce to anyone over 21 years old, as long as no sales, trade, or goods were exchanged.

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