The Most Exotic Cannabis Bags

The Most Exotic Cannabis Bags Around The Globe

Marijuana is a huge business and is only getting greater. With most US states legalizing medical marijuana, now’s the opportunity for keen marijuana producers to zero in on separating your brand. Remember that differentiation gives you the edge in the market and marijuana industry, where innovative cannabis products are created now and again; packaging is where all it lies. If you’re starting or even in the middle of a business and can’t wrap your head around the whole deal with packaging, this article is just what you need!

Why Weed Packaging Matters?

Before getting into detail, let’s examine why weed packaging is important and how it’ll help you make extra bucks that you previously couldn’t. Quality weed packaging guarantees that your item doesn’t ruin, keeps your dispensary looking proficient to clients, guarantees consistency with state regulations and guidelines, and gives space for data and publicizing. All of it right there, on your product.

Given the importance of precise labelling, CBD packaging is one of the best options that offer good quality packaging with which you can provide the consumer with thorough details of what’s inside, wrap their purchase in a nice and secure wrap and make sure they are well informed of the important, relevant information regarding that specific cannabis product.

Cannabis Packaging Regulations

Your products must abide by the weed regulations in the USA. According to the Department of Cannabis Control California, all weed packaging must be :

  • Children-resistant
  • Tamper-evident
  • Resealable, if there is more than one serving in the pack
  • Opaque if the product is edible.

Dos and Don’ts of USA Marijuana Packaging


  • Clear and legible instructions
  • At least 6 point font
  • It should be in English
  • All info should be on the outer layer of the packaging
  • Allergens info and warnings


  • County names aren’t mentioned on the label unless 100% production is done in one.
  • Must not be attractive to children
  • Cannot say unproven health benefits or false information
  • Cannot market the product as an alcoholic drink
  • No picture of the product would be there on the packaging

Label Guide for Weed Packaging in the USA

All necessary information regarding the outer layer of weed packaging must be displayed clearly. That is the reason why this layer comprises two panels, primary and information.

Primary Panel

The front and top sides of the packaging are what display info to the consumer at retail. Here’s what you need to have in this part of the label:

  • Product name and description
  • Universal symbols for cannabis products
  • Net weight/ volume
  • Must say “cannabis-infused” clearly above the product name


Informational Panel

This part must include:

  • Name and contact info of the manufacturer
  • Date of manufacturing and packaging
  • Expiration date(if applicable)
  • UID number
  • Government’s warning statement for cannabis products
  • Batch  number
  • Instructions for use
  • Allergies
  • Ingredients
  • Artificial food colourings (if applicable)
  • “KEEP REFRIGERATED” or “REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING”* (for perishable products)


What Does CBD Packaging Offer in Weed Packaging?

Packaging is a serious business when it comes to cannabis products. You need to consider a packaging company that offers the best solutions for your product and a reliable service that abides by the state’s regulations. CBD packaging is a great option if you’re looking for custom cannabis bags.

The wide assortment of custom weed packaging bags and pouches, along with weed labels offered by CBD, will ensure the maximum safety of the product and give your brand a more sophisticated and professional look. You know branding is important when you aim to get a competitive edge.

Here’s how CBD packaging will help you improve the outlook of your product (s):

  1. Preservation
  2. Safety
  3. Layout and Design
  4. Flexibility
  5. Branding


The packaging world has so much to offer. In the domain of packaging specifically, the sky’s the limit! Here are some unique types of packaging that you may find on the market:

  1. Hypoallergenic Packaging
  2. Environmental Friendly Packaging
  3. Minimal Packaging

There are numerous options in CBD packaging. You decide what would work best with your product type and brand image. Make sure to choose wisely because the more options, the more complicated the demand specification of consumers becomes. This article was meant for us to ease down this process of choosing the right kind of weed packaging and labelling.

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