Florida Governor Not In Support Of THC Limits For Medical Marijuana

Florida is one of several states considering imposing THC limits on marijuana, yet Governor Ron DeSantis recently made comments disparaging such limits. He stated, “I have not endorsed [capping THC]. That is not something I’m pushing.”

While some state governments claim marijuana products available today might be too potent, Florida’s governor clearly does not support the THC cap in his state’s medical cannabis program.

The House bill (HB 1455) would ultimately cap THC content at 10% for inhalable marijuana flower and 60% for marijuana concentrates. To put things in perspective across the country, THC content in flower ranges from 5%-30% and in concentrates from 50%-99.9%, depending on the product.

The Florida bill is one committee vote away from a floor vote in the state House but is currently stalled in the senate, according to Florida Politics.

Increasing Potency of Marijuana Products and State THC Limits

Increases in THC content of marijuana products have caught the attention of the Florida Governor; he’s expressed concerns about both the potency and purity of marijuana products.

“If you look at some of the stuff that’s coming down, there’s a lot of really bad things in it,” Desantis claimed. “It’s not necessarily what you would’ve had thirty (30) years ago when someone’s in college and they’re doing something”.

Other states where cannabis opposition groups are seeking to impose THC limits include Colorado, Massachusetts, Montana, and Washington. Vermont has already capped flower potency at 30% and concentrates at 60% for recreational cannabis products, but the state’s adult-use market has yet to launch.

Florida is still in the mix, and we currently know where Gov. DeSantis stands, but the state government has not yet established potency limits for medical marijuana products.

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