Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: 7th Heaven

Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: 7th Heaven

So when do you guys think things might get back to normal? What even is normal anymore? Is this normal now? Oh god, I hope MedMen was wrong—but I digress. Assuming most of us haven’t been deemed essential enough to get the vaccine yet, and most of us are still spending a good deal of time alone, we’re keeping this party rockin’, baby! Sure I’m losing my mind a bit but hey, what fun is reality? I read somewhere that people are experimenting more with psychedelics than ever given all the time at home and I just want to say: Yes. Do that. In case you can’t, here’s another Quarantine Cop List to get that serotonin flowin’.

Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: 7th Heaven

Money Trees – Purple Pesos

Exclusive! You heard it here first! Ok, maybe not, but if you don’t know about Money Trees yet you’re for real sleeping. Dropping this Monday is the latest cultivar from the art and dank powered machine, and it’s called Purple Pesos. This Garlic Cocktail x Shiskaberry offspring has an unreal smell that while definitely touching on garlic notes also has a creamsicle type finish that just smacks. And while the bud is incredible, Joey Colombo, one of the founders of the brand, also left some surprises for you in his packaging. Download Active and put the mylar in the viewfinder and prepare to be amazed! I was originally turned onto his artwork years before he jumped into space, but knowing him and the body of his work I just can’t wait to see what else they do in the cannabis arena.

Platinum Vapes Love Bites

In case you forgot that Valentine’s Day was a thing and you need an article on a weed site to remind you, V-Day is this Sunday, dawgs. If you forgot this, you probably also forgot to buy a gift for that special someone, so allow me to suggest Platinum Vapes Love Bites as that last-minute fill-in. These chocolate-covered strawberry gummy coins taste just as delicious as they are guaranteed to make your THC lover’s weekend. I know they’re using gummies and chocolate, which is like Edibles 101, but these feel like an innovation. I know I mentioned they’re delicious already but for real: you’re going to like ‘em! Maybe get them for yourself BECAUSE you forgot the other gifts and well, you need the release.

Alien Labs Live Resin Disposable

Everything the Aliens do up there in Sacramento is basically groundbreaking on its own, but getting me to actually enjoy a vape pen is a tricky feat. There are a few here and there that I’ll buy, but unlike any of those brands, anytime I see ANYTHING from Alien Labs I immediately buy it because I know it’s going to deliver. The latest fave is their Sherbacio Live Resin disposable, which is a favorite to take on the road with me (which lately means to the grocery store and beach, but still). That said, every flower I have ever seen from these guys has been remarkable, so while I’m digging on the pen right now, know I’m keeping my eye out for the latest Top Secret Testers and full drops!

Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: 7th Heaven

Insane – Honeymoon

I think this is another limited for Valentine’s drop as it showed up to my house in a chocolate candy heart I had to smash open to get to (check out HT’s IG this weekend for the video—it even included an ‘Insane’ hammer!), but I gotta say, I could see Honeymoon quickly becoming a daily driver for many. This frosty Wedding Cake cross has a beautiful sweet yet gassy smell, and a high that matches the effects you’d expect from its Indica-leaning parent. Available at Dr. Greenthumb’s, this cultivar is true to its title and will act as a Honeymoon for your mind.

St. Ides Diamond Infused Preroll

Watching St. Ides dip their feet into the cannabis industry has been amazing. True to their brand, the team has brought some of the heaviest-hitting products possible to the market to expand the brand’s product lines, including diamond-infused pre-rolled joints, which is what you’d expect from the hardest-hitting 40oz-maker. I’ve smoked more than my fair share of infused joints in the past but let me say, this thing HIT and straight-up put me on the ass, which frankly doesn’t happen often enough anymore. If you’re looking for a heavy hitter, look no further. I only wish Biggie was still around to see this!


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