cannabis retailer service | Weed or Cannabis delivery in Port Hadlock WA

cannabis retailer service

It’s no secret that over the past decade, eCommerce has grown to become an integral part of the retail industry. Just last April, the total market share of online sales in the U.S. overtook general merchandise sales for the first time ever — yet another sign that consumers increasingly enjoy the ease and convenience e-commerce can offer.

Of course, in the burgeoning cannabis sector, the ability to order online either for delivery or in-store pickup varies by market. And in Canada, consumers can now purchase cannabis online from private retailers via “click-and-collect” in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Ontario, following the provinces’ recently proposed amendment to its marijuana regulations.

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Benefits of Click-and-Collect Cannabis Retail 

Previously, Ontarians could only purchase cannabis online through the government-run Ontario Cannabis Store. With click-and-collect, though, consumers throughout the province will not only have more products to choose from, but they’ll also have the option for faster access to their online orders. Rather than having to wait for the OCS to deliver, cannabis customers can now place their orders online, then pick up their products at the store the same day.

If you’re a private cannabis retailer in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or New Brunswick, click-and-collect services can help you reach more customers and increase revenue. Here are three key considerations to keep in mind as you look to add click-and-collect to your marijuana retail strategy.

Weed or Cannabis delivery in Port Hadlock WA

Dave & Tina Comeau established the first Better Buds cannabis retail store in Port Hadlock Washington in 2016 with the help of Dave’s brother John Comeau. Five years prior to opening Better Buds, Tina underwent multiple back surgeries. Not wanting to use opioid pain killers, Dave started growing medical cannabis for Tina to use for pain management.

Dave & Tina sample every product that is in their stores to make sure quality is consistent with  A+ grade products. Better Buds prides itself in having the absolute best customer service and the largest selection of cannabis and CBD products. We Make Sure We Always Carry The Freshest Cannabis Products!

Over the past few years, Leafbuyer has identified the expanding demands of a rapidly growing industry by developing smart technology to meet the new needs of companies in the cannabis space. We currently work with hundreds of marijuana dispensaries, helping them establish their brand outside of traditional cannabis marketing platforms.

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