A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis

Cannabis-infused food and drink is one alternative to smoking cannabis that many
people find healthier and tastier, which become more popular among people after
cannabis legalization. Edibles also have some advantages compared to vaporizers.
However, there are a few things that a person should know if they are completely new
to edibles because it’s easy to eat too much.
That’s why we made this handy beginner’s guide to edibles. Here, you will learn exactly
what cannabis edibles are, dosing, approximate cost, and hopefully, which edibles are
right for you.

What Exactly are Edibles?
In short, edibles are food and drink products that have been infused with cannabis.
Usually, they’ve added THC and/or CBD oils, both derived from cannabis to the
product. THC and CBD are the two primary compounds found in cannabis. THC is the
psychoactive compound responsible for the “high.” CBD has many medicinal properties
but is not psychoactive.

How Long Will It Take for Edibles to Take Effect?
In short, it depends on a few factors. Unlike cannabis ingested by smoking or using your
vaporizer, edibles must be processed through your digestive system. Drinks and
cannabis-infused foods and candy all process differently. It can take as few as 40
minutes and up to 2 hours before you may begin feeling the effects of an edible.
However, keep in mind that while smoked or vaporized cannabis takes effect quicker, it
also wears off faster. The effects from an edible will last much longer, often for up to
four to six hours.
This long onset time and longer-lasting effects can make dosing cannabis a little tricky.
Most experts recommend waiting at least two hours after an initial dose to eat another
dose if you are not feeling the effects.

Can I Overdose on Cannabis Edibles?
First, let’s may it unequivocally clear. It is almost impossible to fatally overdose on
cannabis. However, it is possible to “overdose” and have an unpleasant experience.
Some of the signs that you may have overdosed include:

● Dry Mouth (also called cottonmouth)
● Excessive drowsiness
● Paranoia and Anxiety
● Skewed Sense of Time
If you feel like you’ve overdosed, the only thing that you can do is wait it out. You
might want to try and get outdoors for some exercise. You might also want to just sleep
it off. If you need to be alert, you might try to use some CBD oil in vape mod. CBD can
help to mitigate the psychoactive effects of THC to some extent.

Alternatives Ways to Ingest Cannabis
Edibles are not for everyone. Some people need more immediate relief or prefer to
experience cannabis’ effects more quickly. For those people, there are other methods of
ingestion like tinctures and transdermal patches that can take effect quicker.
The quickest method, however, is to either smoke or vaporize cannabis. If you have
flowers or buds, then you can grind them into a fine grain and load them into your dry-
herb vaporizer. If you prefer the potency of cannabis concentrates, you can always use
a wax or oil vaporizer. Many of today’s vape mods will also work with concentrate

How are Edibles Different from Other Forms of Cannabis?
The primary way in which edibles differ from other forms of cannabis is the fact that
edibles are absorbed through the digestive system. Inhaled cannabis – whether smoked
or in vaporizers, can kick in within a few seconds to a few minutes.
Precision dosing is also much easier with edibles, which come in doses as small as
2.5mg and as large as 10mg. 10mg is the recommended serving size for an adult.
However, if you are completely new to cannabis, know the state laws on cannabis, also,
you may want to start out with a smaller dose to see how the experience goes.
Now you know the major differences between edibles and other cannabis products and
how to have a safe experience. The next time you’re in a dispensary, take a look to see
what they have to offer for edibles. There’s a lot of variety!


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