A Beginner’s Guide To Weed : How To Choose The Right Strain


How To Choose The Right Strain

Here for some Weed 101 knowledge? It is important to research the right strains when planning your first trip to the closest weed dispensary. Many individuals new to weed do not know how to start their journey and what to expect.

In the early days, there were not many options available, a consumer had to take what he could get. Since weed is legalized in many states, you get to pick from thousands of cultivars available.

The demand and sales of weed have dramatically increased in the last few years. It is being used widely for recreational and medicinal purposes. This beginner’s guide covers everything you need to know about weed and weed strains.


What is Cannabis?

Native to Western Asia, it is one of the oldest plants widely used by people across the globe. It has a variety of purposes to serve from rituals to medicines and clothing. Nowadays, cannabis is used as potent herbal medicine for recreational escape or treatment of specific medical conditions.


About Weed Strains

There are multiple Cannabis strains out there for beginners and pros to try.



Indica strain can be translated to body high, therefore, best suited for nighttime use. Known as pain, sleep, and nausea aid, this strain promotes physical relaxation, mental calm, appetite, and sedation.

Hailing from the Hindu Kush mountains of India, this family of weed has high concentrations of powerful medicinal terpenes. In addition, it helps relieve symptoms linked to pain, inflammation, and sleep disorders.



Sativa strains produce head high providing consumers with a burst of energy, creativity, and stress relief. Besides euphoric uplift in energy, it leaves you feeling happy, giggly, aroused, and focused.

Many athletes like using it during the day to relax and enjoy physical or creative activities. Originated from North Africa and Asia, it also helps against anxiety, depression, fatigue, and pain.



As the name implies, a Hybrid strain is the blend of Indica and Sativa, it could be Sativa-dominant, Indica-dominant, and 50/50 blends. The effects depend on the percentage of Sativa or Indica strains.

Moreover, it has decreased side effects as compared to pure strains. It offers an energy boost as well as uplifts mood.


Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid – What’s Better?

Due to a lack of Cannabis research and education, most people have difficulty determining which is the right strain for them. Sativa strains are more energizing and uplifting whereas Indica strains promote mental calm and sedation.

It is normal for new recreational consumers to wonder what strain is best for them. However, these botanical terms have no significant meaning but to identify morphological differences.

The strain is best judged based on the presence and concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes. Only by knowing the concentration, one can predict the potential effects.


The Role of Cannabinoids

Cannabis has two major Cannabinoids; THC and CBD. Here’s what you need to know about them.

THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC produces

psychedelic, euphoric, and relaxing effects. It is often regarded as dangerous, therefore THC compound concentration is divided into three categories.

  • Low-Medium – Less than 10%
  • Medium-High – Equal to 10% to 20%
  • High – More than 20%

CBD – CBD produces therapeutic effects and has an extensive list of medicinal properties. It also helps stave off symptoms of inflammation, anxiety, epilepsy, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Furthermore, it helps mitigate the side effects caused by THC. CBD-dominant weed strains are available in most licensed dispensaries.


Choosing the Right Weed Strain

After knowing about different strain categories and their effects, make an informed decision depending on the unique effects you want. You can also try different strains to see what suits you the best.

As a beginner, start off your journey with weed strains having the lowest THC concentration. Take the lowest dose and wait for the effects to kick in. It may take hours, therefore, do not double the dosage as it can be potentially dangerous. Gradually increase your dose to get the effects you are looking for.

Check the THC and Terpene profile of a strain that has a significant influence on the effects and experience. Additionally, look for potential side effects to get a full picture of the strain’s effects.


Popular Weed Strains

Some of the best-selling and popular weed strains have positive user reviews from the users. These strains include OG Kush, Pineapple Express, AK-47 Strain, Blue Dream, Gelato, Green Crack, Purple Haze, Sour Diesel, Wedding Cake, and others.


Weed Consumption Method

In the olden days, the only way to experience weed effects was through smoking. Today, users consume weed using multiple consumption methods.

Vaporization can be the best substitute for smoking. In addition, consumers can also ingest cannabis through edibles and tinctures as well.


In Summary

Hopefully, finding the right strain would be easier for beginners now, start with a small dose to gauge your tolerance and get the desired effects.


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