Music Producer Thousand Times Acquires His Own Line Of Edibles

Music Producer Thousand Times Acquires His Own Line Of Edibles

Following in the footsteps of Jay-Z, Juicy J, Snoop Dogg, and more the music producer teams up with edibles manufacturing juggernaut ‘East Side Edibles’ to enter the $73 Billion per year cannabis industry. Offering 100% legal edibles pursuant to 2018’s Farm Bill, East Side Edibles is a Charlotte-based CBD & Delta-8 edibles manufacturer and wholesaler. The company offers a wide range of snacks from cookies and chips, to brownies and crackers. Supported by a loyal following in the city of Charlotte, the brand is now found in a handful of stores across Queen City! There is something for everyone in the East Side Edibles’ lineup of medicated treats!

East Side Edibles

At East Side Edibles we are a small crew consisting of friends and family. We offer a large selection of Delta 8 edibles. We handcraft each piece with dosage in mind, our techniques ensure shelf-stable products. We came into existence because we received edibles that didn’t smack. Now we are happy to SMACK BACK @ OVERPRICED INDUSTRY STANDARDS! We are setting the standards for all the fuck boys, STEP YOUR GAME UP!

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